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Jacobs Ladder Comes Out with the Stairway

Jacobs Ladder Comes Out with the Stairway.

"We felt the need in the market for a stair climber that was first, more reliable and secondly, lower cost,” explained Bob Palka, the president of Jacobs Ladder. “So, what we did was we took Jacobs Ladder, stood the user upright and replaced the rungs with stairs."

The Stairway has the same reliability of Jacobs Ladder, along with some of the same features. First, it is self-paced. The higher you go, the faster the stairs come. If you want to go slower, you just slow your steps and it automatically matches your speed. If you are to misstep, it won’t throw you off of the machine, it will just come to a stop. In addition, the Stairway is self-powered, so there is no need for a wall plug.

There are also some significant benefits to the Stairway versus other stair-climbing units in the market today. The first step onto the Stairway is only 11? compared with 18? on some other models. Secondly, the Stairway only requires an 8.5-foot ceiling. Combining that with its 30.5? width and 54? length, the Stairway will fit where many stair climbers won’t. And since the Stairway uses Jacobs Ladder-patented airflow speed control, there is no expensive motor or clutch to fail, giving the Stairway unmatched durability.

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