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I would just like to thank you for making an outstanding cardiovascular training machine that lets me know when I have done twenty minutes or more on this machine. My first experience with a Jacobs Ladder was while assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning, Georgia. We moved from training for the US Army’s physical fitness test in early 2006 to a more functional physical training regimen called Ranger, Athlete, Warrior (RAW). The RAW workouts had other cardiovascular training events in the place of the old long runs of the past. One way we continued to do cardiovascular training was the Jacobs Ladder. Our team would run circuits between different events and the Jacobs Ladder was one of them.

During my deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, our camp gym had two Jacobs Ladders. Having two encouraged competition as we would race for ten minutes to see who could go farther. This was great training and encouraged us to get into the gym and continue to train on the Jacobs Ladder as Rangers do not like to lose.

Additionally, the gym at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida has a Jacobs Ladder and I use it to finish my workouts as it is has almost no impact on joints and muscles, but challenges your cardiovascular system. As an US Army Ranger, I can tell you this is a great machine to add to your arsenal of workouts.

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